Trapped Animals

He's running,
And I could feel the flakes of dust fall off from his tiny shoes.
A woman in white came and run along.
Now, they have been far away from the world but they won't stop,
they keep running, and running until they dissapear from the land.

He's got a huge body,
He's difficult to walk and choose to just stay, sit and pensive,
until the sunset hit his old jaded face.
Now, he's quiet in his wooden chair, he's got no words or action,
until he turned into the ashes.

I don't know what am I going to do,
My body was broken into pieces and my soul floated but my mind is still intact.
Now, I see something beautiful, like a purple rose or even a white jasmine, they're blooming in one place and I'm standing exactly in the middle of that place, I see the beauty so filled with the emptiness.
I open my eyes.

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