Little Bit Confused

I live at my grandmother's house right now, I left my hometown because I want to get into a campus in here. Have you ever had a feeling like you miss your hometown so badly but in the other hand you won't go back there anymore because once you back there again, you can't really let go your feeling of missing your hometown. Do you understand?

I miss my hometown, so much. I've been live there since kid and I have lot of memories about it, lot feelings adn emotions. But life must go on and I had to leave my hometown and continued my education in a new town. It was hard to think that I have to leave all the things there, even my parents. OMG, this post makes me wanna cry.

I've been living in my new town for two weeks and I live here alone without parents but there is my aunty here, but she live in another house or her house. I and my cousin (who is the son of my aunty) live at our grandmother's house alone. He's still in high school and last week was his examination week. Today, I got a message from my mom, she offered me to get back to my hometown because campus isn't started yet and will start on august. My mom told me to get back and spend a time there before I really get into the college.

Here's the deal; I was crying inside when two weeks ago I had to leave the hometown, and I'm here trying to adapt and days by days, I think I could make it but now my mom give me another problem that I have to think about it. I'm struggling tho. What can I choose? Should I go back to my hometown for the last time and spend a time there or should I just stay here and trying to make my self comfort?

I got a solution.

It's not the best solution that I chose but it's the only thing I had in my head. My plan is I'll wait for my dad to come here because he told me that he will come to visit me on the first week on june, so after he visit me, I'll go with him to get back to my hometown together. It sounds kind of inconsequential but I hope it will work well.

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